Should you delegate your personal insurance to an independent insurance agency?

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After many years in the retail insurance industry, we have witnessed many changes. Some of the changes have not been positive. The proliferation of insurance savings advertising has taught many to call for insurance quotes versus hiring an independent insurance agency. Basically, what you are doing is taking on the responsibility of being your own agent. For some, this may be an effective strategy.

Based on the new business telephone calls we have received in 2022, many consumers are overwhelmed by the process of obtaining insurance, and thus just want to handle their immediate insurance difficulty.

Our solution is different. If you decide you want to delegate all your personal insurance needs to a professional, in this case, Ardent Insurance Inc, then you would contact us.

The first step for us is to obtain relative documents that allow us to adequately do our job as insurance professionals. What we need to start is all your current declarations and/or recent cancellations.

What is an insurance declaration is a common question? A declaration is the page (sometimes multiple pages) of your insurance policy that contains information about the policyholder, the property insured, and other important information about the policy.

After we review all the provided documentation, we would ask you questions about your future goals and plans.

If we agree that we want to move forward, we will start to collect your private information, which is required by insurance companies to insure your various risk exposures, such as automobiles, homeowners, recreational vehicles, and extended liability (or Umbrella) Insurance.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be your independent insurance agency. Please let us know if can help.


Author: Kevin J. Brunson, Independent Insurance Agent with Ardent Insurance Inc.