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Thank you for visiting our site. We provide you more choices on your automobile/motorcycle, recreational vehicles, homeowners’, and umbrella insurance policies. We provide policies which cater to your personal insurance needs. We quote various insurance companies which are highly rated reputable companies, that offer inclusive coverages, at competitive prices.

We are customer driven and we are committed to providing a efficient personal insurance service for you. Our staff has the experience and expertise to properly guide you through the complexities of personal insurance policy contracts.

In our industry you the consumer are purchasing a unilateral insurance policy contract. Unilateral contract defined is an agreement in which an offeror’s offer can be accepted only by the performance of an act by the offeree; a “promise for a performance”. The offeree is you, and by paying an insurance premium you activate the contract. Insurance contracts are unlike when you purchase a vehicle or a home that is a two-sided agreement. Insurance contracts are one-sided.

Many consumers are learning that dealing directly with an insurance company does not save them money, and they give up the right to be able to discuss their insurance situation with an independent insurance agent that essentially works for them.

For example, professional athletes can rely on a sports agent to help them navigate complex employment contracts, and you can have a similar relationship with an independent insurance agent. The more wealth you build as an individual and family the more important it is to have a trusted professional to discuss your personal insurance decisions with. We want to me that insurance professional for you.

We have a long relationship with the insurance industry, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Please let us help you purchase your next insurance contract. Whether you need to insure your vehicle (automobile), recreational vehicle, homeowners (renters), and or an umbrella insurance policy to protect your assets. We want to help guide you through the process.

We offer the Chubb Masterpiece program, which is designed for affluent consumers, that have unique insurance requirements to protect their wealth.

Please contact our agency today. We are here to serve you.


This post was written by Kevin Brunson, an independent insurance agent with Ardent Insurance (